Phillip Graham. Fastest man in 11.55 minutes

Carrie Ann Stephenson. Fastest woman and second overall in 12.55 minutes.

The challenge was

Squats x 30, Push ups x 30, Burpees x 30, Sit ups x 30, Straddle jumps x 30. 3 rounds. Super tough!!

In September 2015, WORKOUT WARRIORS SET A NEW WORLD RECORD with a team of 30 women pulling a car 3 miles up KIRKSTONE PASS and raised £3000 for local charity Cancer Care.

 We beat the record in 2016 by 2 minutes! Join the classes and feel the inspiration to do things you never dreamed of!

 FITNESS CHALLENGE EVENT November 30 2014. Winners fastest man  Phillip Graham, 31 from Cockermouth and fastest lady, Carrie Ann Stephenson from Langdale. Winning couple Sharon Nicholson and Adam Smith.