Phillip Graham. Fastest man in 11.55 minutes

Carrie Ann Stephenson. Fastest woman and second overall in 12.55 minutes.

The challenge was

Squats x 30, Push ups x 30, Burpees x 30, Sit ups x 30, Straddle jumps x 30. 3 rounds. Super tough!!

In September 2016, WORKOUT WARRIORS SET A NEW WORLD RECORD with a team of 30 women pulling a car 3 miles up KIRKSTONE PASS in a time of 62 minutes and 40 seconds and raised over £3000 for local Chemotherapy unit in Kendal

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 FITNESS CHALLENGE EVENT . Winners fastest man  Phillip Graham, 31 from Cockermouth and fastest lady, Carrie Ann Stephenson from Langdale. Winning couple Sharon Nicholson and Adam Smith.